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This form can be only be used to notify changes that occurred within the last six months or will occur in the next two months.

You can use this form to inform all departments that you have moved.

You should use this form to inform us that you are moving. You should only notify us once you have a confirmed moving date. If you are selling your home, this will normally be the completion date. If you rented your old home, this will normally be the tenancy end date. If you move before these dates you may be liable for Council Tax on both properties.

Tell us about your old home


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If you owned your old home

We require details about the previous property that you owned so that we can update your account accordingly. If you would like to check to see if you or your property is exempt from Council Tax please visit the following link: Exemptions .

If you rented your old home

Please let us know if any of the tenants will remain in the property so that we can create a new liability period for them.

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